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  • jhr fellow helps government improve conditions of state prisons in Sierra Leone

    As a part of jhr’s Fellowship program, jhr trained journalist Mohamed Massaquoi investigated the conditions of the Kenema state prison in Sierra Leone. He discovered that the prison had no medical facilities and inmates were afflicted with multiple diseases, including chicken pox, scabies, piles and others. Inmates were sleeping on the bare floor, had insufficient food and were using a single bucket between 4-5 people as a toilet. Overcrowding meant there were 150 people in a space designed for 70.

  • Fighting Pollution from a Rubber Plantation in Liberia

    In late spring Liberian journalist Charles Yates got a tip that that runoff from a rubber plantation was creating severe toxic pollution in North East Liberia. As a result of the training he received from jhr (Journalists for Human Rights) he realized that many people’s rights were being violated, particularly their right to a clean and healthy environment, and that a story might be able to apply pressure on the right authorities.

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