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Media Development for Meaningful, Sustainable Change

We believe in the Transformative Power of Media Development

Since 2002, our mission has been to train and engage local journalists, media outlets, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders across the globe. Our work is pivotal in creating an environment where objective media can thrive, ensuring that public voices are heard and respected.

Through our efforts, we aim to empower journalists and communities alike, making a lasting difference in the way human rights stories are told and heard.


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Our Programming Focuses on Four Key Tactics:

At the core of all JHR programming is capacity building activities for journalists and stakeholders in local contexts. We work within local contexts to build on existing momentum.

We work directly in and with communities, outlets and organizations to strengthen the capacity of local partners to continue using skills learned and train others on them once programs end.

In partnership with local post secondary institutions and faculty, we develop course curricula to ensure our approach is taught to the next generation of journalists.

Coalitions of support are fostered and strengthened in programming. With stronger networks, local journalists can work together on coverage and to address issues that affect their work.

Our Impact

Our impact is tangible and far-reaching. We have successfully trained thousands of journalists, influencing the way human rights stories are reported and perceived globally. Our work has led to increased awareness, changed policies, and a more informed public discourse on human rights issues.

But our journey is far from over. We need your support. Every dollar supports our work. Your donation ensures that the truth is never silenced, that stories continue to be told, and that human rights remain at the forefront of global discourse.

Our work in action

From Canada to the Congo, we’re working on the ground with journalists and partners, fostering accountability and reshaping the narrative of human rights journalism.

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