Region: Mali

  • JHR steps in to support young people with media literacy, civic engagement, and the fight against misinformation.

    It is crucial to prepare young people in Mali to critically navigate the increasing use of social media, online platforms, fake news, and hate speech, which can be misleading and detrimental to human rights, democracy, and good governance. To address this, JHR has initiated education and awareness programs for young people in the Bamako district,

  • Group of women in Mali during the JHR training session

    Amplifying Female Voices in the Transition and the Reform Process

    At a glance Ensuring that Women’s Voices are Heard, and their Concerns are Integrated into The National Agenda JHR is engaging media, women’s rights organizations, decision-makers, and key stakeholders to prioritize and address women’s issues. We’re strengthening the capacity of journalists, especially female journalists, to understand and report on critical women’s rights issues. By producing

  • Women’s voices at the forefront of resolving Mali’s security crisis

    To amplify women’s voices and enhance their impact in resolving the current security crisis in Mali, JHR/JDH organized an interactive program broadcast live on the “Joliba TV” news channel, with the participation of Fatima MAIGA, President of the Coalition of Women Leaders from the North, South and Center; Oumou BOCOUM, Vice-Spokesperson of the Consultation Framework

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