Tackling Misinformation and Disinformation through Media to Promote Peace Building in South Sudan

Program overview

The program aims to build a proactive prevention measure that encourages responsible journalism through training and builds critical thinking skills among citizens to fact-check information and make informed decisions.

Additionally, the program will work with governments, electoral management bodies, and other stakeholders to ensure the responsible free flow of information during the electioneering process. This will help build a relationship between the media, government, and CSOs for effective elections. The ultimate outcome of this program is reduced violence/conflict due to mis/disinformation contributing to peacebuilding efforts.

At a glance


South Sudan

Focus area

Misinformation Disinformation, Peace and Stability


Global Affairs Canada

Key messages

Misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech are areas of interest in South Sudan due to the communal violence that is exacerbated by their widespread dissemination. This dissemination is expected to increase due to upcoming general elections in December this year.

During the program launch, participants were excited that JHR returned to South Sudan to continue with the work they started earlier. Irene Ayaa, the Executive Director of Amdiss, said, “I’m glad that JHR is back, and we pledge our collaboration with you as AMDISS.”

JHR media training session in South Sudan