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  • Empowering Journalists in the Arab Region through Interactive Data Visualization

    JHR recently conducted two training sessions, focusing on data management and its presentation through interactive visual designs on websites and social media. The attendees of these sessions were journalists from Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, and Lebanon. Following the training sessions, there was an immediate improvement in the skills of local Lebanese journalists. Harnessing their newly acquired

  • Telling Climate Change Stories: A Journalist Perspective

    By: Mercy Njoroge A little over a decade ago, a substantial global story broke. Wangari Maathai, the woman of trees, is dead. This sad incident happened precisely two years into my journalism career. The story was huge, and as a junior sub-editor, I felt the pressure editors in my newsroom faced when a story of

  • KENYA: JHR works to engage men as allies in fight against FGM

    The anti-FGM elder engagement forum underway Seventy-six-year-old Joel Kalya is a happy elder. He has seen his daughters through school successfully in a region where female genital mutilation (FGM) is a mandatory rite of passage for girls, pushing them into early marriages. Joel hails from Chepkokogh location in Lomut Ward in West Pokot County, Kenya,

  • DRC: National Assembly passes law to exempt sexual violence survivors from paying high legal fees

    On May 18, 2023, DRC marked a big win in the country’s fight against sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). The National Assembly passed a law that exempts SGBV survivors from paying legal fees when pursuing a case against their perpetrators. Barring one abstention, the assembly unanimously voted in favour of the law. This new law

  • KENYA: How climate change is driving FGM and early marriages

    By Sylvia Thomson CBC News producer & JHR trainer for the Canada World program When I arrived in Nairobi in early January, the local JHR team here was talking a lot about climate change and how it intersects with gender issues. It’s been eye-opening in the hot, rainless months since then, to hear stories about

  • DRC: President enacts law promoting gender equality in the upcoming general elections

    On June 29, DRC President Felix Tshisekedi put into effect the legislation governing the 2023 general election. Under the newly passed law, political parties that submit candidacy lists consisting of at least 50% women will be exempt from paying the required deposit fee for parties. This is the first time that an electoral law in

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