The Indigenous Media Collaborative and JHR’s Solutions Journalism project brought together a group of Indigenous journalists and media organizations to produce solutions journalism and human rights stories about Indigenous sovereignty and #LandBack.

#Landback is an ongoing movement, and no one project or response on its own will restore Indigenous sovereignty or rights. The collaborative members worked together to report on the ways in which Indigenous peoples are fighting for sovereignty and land reclamation and what can be learned from communities’ solutions and successes.

The collaborative includes freelancers Brandi Morin and Oscar Baker III, as well as journalists from The Eastern Door (Steve Bonspiel, Callie Giaccone, Laurence Dubreuil, Marisela Amador), Cabin Radio (Meaghan Brackenbury) and IndigiNews (Emilee Gilpin).

Scroll down to read their stories.

At Fairy Creek, Indigenous-settler allyships are complicated — but they’re working

By Brandi Morin, Ricochet


June 12, 2021 

Brandi Morin/Ricochet

In this story, Brandi Morin unpacks the powerful potential of the new relationships forming between Indigenous land defenders and settler activists in Fairy Creek as they rally together to save the ancient forests from logging.

At Yellowknife’s healing camp, a coffee served by someone who’s seen both sides

By Meaghan Brackenbury, Cabin Radio
August 19, 2021

Meaghan Brackenbury/Cabin Radio

Meaghan Brackenbury takes us behind the scenes of the Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation’s urban healing camp in Yellowknife that is known for delivering hot breakfasts and various support programs to the city’s homeless population.

Learning Syilx teachings through EPIC program at Southern Okanagan Secondary School

By Athena Bonneau, IndigiNews
May 16, 2021

Athena Bonneau/IndigiNews

This story, published in IndigiNews, profiles the cross-curricular, hands-on EPIC learning program introduced at a high school in Oliver, BC that seeks to strengthen connections with Indigenous students and boost their attendance rates.

Mural festival showcases Indigenous strength

By Meaghan Brackenbury, Cabin Radio
August 18, 2021

Meaghan Brackenbury/Cabin Radio

Meaghan Brackenbury covers the Strong People, Strong Communities festival that pairs northern youth with Indigenous professional artists to create murals that highlight positive Indigenous stories.

Dealing with a housing crisis

By Callione Giaccone, The Eastern Door
May 17, 2021

Photo courtesy Owen Mayo 

Callione Giaccone speaks to housing experts on approaches to addressing the systemic housing insecurity in Kahnawake and other Onkwehón:we communities.

Vaccines and shelter for the unhoused in Montreal

Laurence Brisson Dubreuil, The Eastern Door
May 7, 2021

Laurence Brisson Dubreuil/The Eastern Door

Laurence Brisson Dubreuil speaks to non-profit organizations and community leaders about their challenges and successes as they strive to provide shelter and vaccines to Montreal’s unhoused population during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nuxalk Nation stands together to uphold the laws of the land and waters

By Emilee Gilpin, IndigiNews
August 26, 2021 

Banchi Hanuse/IndigiNews

In this story, Emilee Gilpin talks about the Nuxalk Nation’s pushback against government-sanctioned mining activities in BC that could “impact every aspect of [their] life in a negative way”.

Snuneymuxw First Nation signs historic MOU with province and feds

By Anna McKenzie, IndigiNews
July 29, 2021

Anna McKenzie/IndigiNews

The article describes the Snuneymuxw First Nation’s historic MOU with the provincial and federal governments that outlines a new commitment to the Treaty of 1854, as well as the gradual transfer of lands back to the First Nation. 

Dene Nation launches its solution to NWT housing crisis

By Emily Blake, Cabin Radio
August 6, 2021

Photo courtesy Dene Nation

This Cabin Radio article delves into the details of Dene Nation’s recently announced rapid housing initiative that will build modular homes designed to withstand the northern climate across the territory.

Grassroots movements fight a broken system

By Marisela Amador & Callie Giaccone,

The Eastern Door

September 21, 2021 

Courtesy The Eastern Door

Marisela Amador and Cailee Giaccone talk to land defenders from the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation at Kahnawake on their efforts to stop housing development on contested land in Caledonia, Ontario.

Looking deeper at land claims

By Steve Bonspiel, Marisela Amador, Callie Giaccone & Laurence Brisson Dubreuil,
The Eastern Door

September 16, 2021

Courtesy The Eastern Door

In this series, The Eastern Door breaks down the significance of land claims and land grievances while spotlighting voices that help us understand this multilayered topic.