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Enabling and Empowering Journalists to Create Positive Outcomes in their Communities

JHR is Canada’s leading media development organization. We empower journalists to report on human rights, democratic reform, climate action, and combat misinformation issues in their communities.

When the media puts a spotlight on human rights, people start talking about the issues and demanding change.

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Putting Human Rights on the Front Page

Since 2002, JHR has worked at home in Canada and worldwide to empower and engage local journalists, media outlets, civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen and improve human rights, combat misinformation, advocate for climate action, promote gender equity and more. Our work helps create an enabling environment where objective media can flourish and the public can have their voices heard.

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JHR’s mission is to amplify these voices and harnessing the power of the media and journalists to provoke change.
And change happens. Success stories continue to pile up.

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Journalists For Human Rights really is the pin drop for validating the challenges that reporters face at home and abroad when they risk their lives just to inform the public.

— Lisa LaFlamme, Canadian Journalist and JHR Ambassador

It touches my heart, the work that JHR does every single day.

— Masai Ujiri, President of the Toronto Raptors

Journalists for human rights are my heroes. They are the people who highlighted my first-ever story. People now started to know that we exist started to know there is a place we can take a teen mother and get help and also people started coming here to donate food.

— Purity Gikunda, Founder of Greenland School in Kenya