Empowering journalists to cover human rights stories objectively and effectively.

Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) is Canada’s leading media development organization. We train journalists to report on human rights and governance issues in their communities. When the media puts a spotlight on human rights, people start talking about the issues and demanding change.

A strong, independent media is a referee between governments and citizens. When human rights are protected, governments are more accountable and people’s lives improve.

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About Media Development

Media is a powerful force for positive change. Objective and effective coverage is needed to create public conversations, hold key decision makers accountable and create dialogue on critical issues. 

JHR’s rights based approach to media development includes: capacity building activities for journalists, media outlets and the media sector writ large to grow and professionalize human rights coverage. Engagement of key civil society organizations to collect and disseminate data contributing to access to information. And, working with key decision makers on best practices for media engagement. Our approach supports an enabling environment where objective media can thrive and the public can have their voices heard.

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