Aminata Agaly YATTARA, a journalist affiliated with the Mali Tribune, has been recognized as the top winner in the Printed Press category of the 7th Mali Média Awards. JDH/JHR provided support and training for Ms. YATTARA, who was one of 7 winners of the 2023 Mali Média Awards. Notably, 3 of the winners were female journalists.

Ms. YATTARA’s investigative report offers an in-depth examination of the adverse impacts of pesticide usage and highlights the Malian government’s inability to effectively address these consequences. Her ten-month-long research journey is a testament to her dedication and commitment to environmental journalism.

Since 2020, JDH/JHR has been proud to support Ms. YATTARA through our training programs and scholarships aimed at nurturing quality reportage. In a year where three of the seven award winners were female journalists, we also celebrate this encouraging step towards gender equity in journalism. JHR believes that diverse voices are crucial to creating comprehensive narratives. These initiatives are part of several projects carried out by JHR and funded by Global Affairs Canada and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Mali.

The Tuwindi Foundation, a national civil society organization, holds the Mali Media Awards every year to honor outstanding journalists in different press and media categories. This year, more than 800 entries were submitted, and Ms. YATTARA was among the seven winners selected from 147 nominees.