Activating independent Russian and Belarusian journalists to combat information manipulation

Program overview

Many Russian and Belarusian activists and journalists have been forced to relocate to safety in Europe, including the Baltic states. The primary objective of the program is to increase and improve fact-based human rights and women’s rights reporting circulating in Russian and Belarusian exile circles, and seeks to develop greater opportunities for audience awareness of human rights threats and misinformation.

This program is a strategic, long-term investment in the principles of democracy, freedom of expression, and human rights. The program strengthens the capacity of independent Russian and Belarusian journalists to report on human rights and women’s rights, including on the war in Ukraine, thereby reducing the susceptibility of Russian and Belarusian (diaspora) audiences to information manipulation.

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Lithuania, Latvia, Poland

Focus area

Misinformation Disinformation

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Global Affairs Canada