Strengthening Independent Media in the Arab Region

Program overview

This 4-year program explicitly targets media sectors in Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia, and Morocco. By addressing challenges such as limited capacity, restricted press freedom, and compromised access to information, this initiative aims to empower independent and collaborative human rights media organizations.

The program seeks to promote greater public accountability through strategic partnerships, capacity-building initiatives, and enhanced media coverage. Join us in the transformative journey of journalism, advancing press freedom, and achieving improved governance standards in the Arab Region.

At a glance


Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq, Tunisia

Focus area

Media Development


United Nations Democracy Fund UNDF

Giving Life to Captivating Human Rights Stories that Touch the Lives of Countless Individuals

This program impacts media professionals, decision-makers, and citizens. We advocate for human rights promote conversations, and foster connections that transcend borders. The program unites 138 journalists forming a powerful tribe committed to upholding the highest standards of human rights journalism. Through passionate discussions and collaboration, they shape our code of ethics, ensuring truth and integrity guide their every word.

The program empowers local journalists, equipping them with transformative storytelling skills. Surpassing targets, these storytellers now possess the power to challenge norms and reshape narratives, amplifying voices of justice. By embracing the visual storytelling frontier of social media, we have created a tapestry of emotion that resonates with diverse audiences, inspiring action and driving change.

JHR team member speaking at training session in Tunisia
Media training in Iraq provided by JHR

Success stories

This program has achieved a significant and far-reaching impact, engaging a diverse audience of over 400,000 individuals, including esteemed media professionals, decision-makers, and active members. Surpassing expectations, the meticulously organized air forums, totaling 34, successfully reached an impressive audience of over 700,000 people. Notably, the program empowered 96 journalists, equipping them with enhanced skills in data-driven human rights journalism. Additionally, comprehensive training was provided to 63 journalists, enabling them to effectively mentor citizen journalists for impactful investigative reporting.

The publication of 200 comprehensive human rights reports effectively reached between 100,000 and 400,000 residents. The commitment to fostering accountability is exemplified by the adoption of the program’s code of ethics by 138 media professionals across six Arab-speaking countries.