Connected Protection Journey

Program overview

The Connected Protection Journey program is an initiative that aims to improve policy and develop best practices to enhance international protection access for journalists and Human Rights Defenders (HRDs). The program works to enable governmental and non-governmental actors to improve their mechanisms for resettling journalists and HRDs, as well as providing better protection and support mechanisms to these beneficiaries in exile countries. The program will also build capacity and convene partner organizations and stakeholders to improve resettlement policies in Canada for journalists and HRDs. The program will support referral organizations in Canada and at-risk groups in crisis situations. Additionally, it will provide support to journalists in exile in Turkey through a story production program.

At a glance


Canada, Pakistan, Turkey

Focus area

Refugee Resettlement


Open Society Foundations

This vital initiative is aimed at improving international protection access for journalists and Human Rights Defenders (HRDs)

This transformational effort will complement existing policies and bring about substantial improvements in resettlement mechanisms for these vulnerable groups. We are committed to working with partner organizations and stakeholders to improve Canadian resettlement policies. Our programs will establish a strong support network for journalists and HRDs in exile, increasing their capacity to operate in hostile environments. We believe that gender equality is a fundamental human right, and our mission is to amplify their voices and create meaningful change.

The “Connected Protection Journey” initiative aims to create a unified response to crises in Canada. We want to strengthen refugee protections, relocation, and resettlement practices by providing capacity building, training, and advocacy. In an era of rising hostility towards journalists and HRDs, our program responds to urgent global challenges. Recent crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine emphasize the critical need for robust protection mechanisms for those who risk their lives for truth and justice.

Participants at JHR session for media development in Pakistan
Woman being presented with certificate at JHR session in Pakistan

Success stories

This program aims to enhance international access to protection for journalists and Human Rights Defenders (HRDs). By collaborating with governmental and non-governmental actors, we are improving mechanisms for resettling these courageous individuals and ensuring their safety. We are strengthening protection and support systems in the countries of exile, providing solace to those who need it most.

Our program goes beyond borders, as we are building capacity and bringing together organizations and stakeholders to improve resettlement policies in Canada. We make a tangible difference in crisis situations through referral organizations and support for at-risk groups. Additionally, we have initiated a powerful story production program to give voice to journalists in exile in Turkey.