Canada World – Voice for Women and Girls

Program overview

The Canada World: Voice for Women and Girls program is a four-year initiative aimed at improving the status of women’s and girls’ rights in the DRC, Syrian communities in Turkey, Tunisia, and Kenya. The program targets media, civil society and women’s rights organizations, academic institutions, decision-makers, and other key stakeholders, with the goal of developing the media sector and fostering partnerships among key allies. Gender equality is a fundamental human right, and this program addresses the issue of weak and restricted media in the aforementioned countries. By strengthening media, the program aims to enhance the human rights of women and girls through a rights-based approach. The program amplifies the voices of women and girls to create meaningful changes towards gender equality and human rights.

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Turkey & Tunisia

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Gender Equality

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Global Affairs Canada

Fostering connections that transcend borders

This program is dedicated to improving the rights of women and girls in Tunisia and Syrian communities in Turkey. We believe that gender equality is a fundamental human right, and our mission is to amplify women’s voices to create meaningful change.

Our focus is on strengthening the media sector and fostering partnerships to enhance the human rights of women and girls in our target regions.

Our advocacy work in Tunisia and Turkey has resulted in significant changes, and our programs have amplified women’s voices in public life, as demonstrated by Syrine Mrabet’s journey from participating in workshops to becoming a parliament member in Tunisia. The program impacts media professionals, decision-makers, and citizens.

Four women at JHR session for Gender Equality in Turkey
Women journalists at JHR session in Tunisia

Success stories

JHR advocated for Syrian refugee housing rights in Turkey, resulting in a nationwide review of rental prices and mandated mediation before eviction. JHR efforts also led to Gaziantep University reopening registration for Arabic-speaking students, increasing access to education for Syrian students.

Gaziantep University reopens to Syrian refugees, offering Arabic-language instruction in key faculties such as Business Administration, Sharia Law, and Elementary Education. JHR advocacy efforts helped mobilize decision-makers to make this possible, forming new opportunities for thousands of Syrian students, especially young women, to pursue their dreams in Turkey. Syrine Mrabet, empowered by JHR workshops, secured a seat in Tunisia’s parliament, amplifying women’s voices. JHR and the Ministry established 5 new shelters in southern Tunisia to combat gender-based violence, providing refuge, support, and empowerment to survivors.