Canada World – Voice for Women and Girls

Program overview

The Canada World: Voice for Women and Girls program is a four-year initiative aimed at improving the status of women’s and girls’ rights in the DRC, Syrian communities in Turkey, Tunisia, and Kenya. The program targets media, civil society and women’s rights organizations, academic institutions, decision-makers, and other key stakeholders, with the goal of developing the media sector and fostering partnerships among key allies. Gender equality is a fundamental human right, and this program addresses the issue of weak and restricted media in the aforementioned countries. By strengthening media, the program aims to enhance the human rights of women and girls through a rights-based approach.

The program amplifies the voices of women and girls to create meaningful changes towards gender equality and human rights.

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Focus area

Gender Equality

In Partnership With

Global Affairs Canada

Enhancing women’s representation and participation across various sectors

By amplifying women’s voices and promoting their involvement, we aspire to establish a more inclusive and equitable society. We are working diligently to ensure that women have equal access to education and healthcare in Kenya. Through targeted initiatives, we’re breaking down barriers and improving the well-being of women in our communities.

Addressing sexual and gender-based violence remains a fundamental aspect of the program mission. We are steadfast in our commitment to eliminating this pervasive societal issue and providing comprehensive support to those who have experienced it.

We recognize the gendered impact of climate change and are actively engaged in initiatives to mitigate its effects on women. Our work is not only about addressing immediate challenges but also building resilience for the future.

Young woman being presented with an award at JHR session in Kenya
Woman speaking at JHR session on gender equality in Kenya

Success stories

CW-Kenya is spearheading a transformational shift in the media industry. We have taken a pioneering step towards eradicating sexual harassment by establishing a dedicated committee. The program efforts have set a powerful example for the industry to follow. The program impact extends beyond our organization as we have developed a standardized sexual harassment and affirmative action policy that has been embraced by six local media organizations, including the esteemed Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation.

However, our mission transcends this achievement as we have played a significant role in the adaptation of the Nairobi City County Bill on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, which has extended legal protection to numerous individuals. Furthermore, our commitment to human rights has led us to create a groundbreaking journalism curriculum that four academic institutions have adopted. Through this curriculum, we are shaping future journalists to become champions of human rights.