Canada World – Voice for Women and Girls

Program overview

The Canada World: Voice for Women and Girls DRC program is a four-year initiative aimed at improving the status of women’s and girls’ rights in the DRC. The program targets media, civil society and women’s rights organizations, academic institutions, decision-makers, and other key stakeholders, with the goal of developing the media sector and fostering partnerships among key allies.

Gender equality is a fundamental human right, and this program addresses the issue of weak and restricted media in the DRC. By strengthening media, the program aims to enhance the human rights of women and girls through a rights-based approach.

Help us amplify the voices of women and girls and create meaningful changes towards gender equality and human rights.

At a glance


The Democratic Republic of Congo

Focus area

Gender Equality

In Partnership With

Global Affairs Canada

Enhancing women’s representation and participation across sectors

By amplifying women’s and girls’ voices and promoting their involvement, we aspire to establish a more inclusive and equitable society.

We’re driving transformative change by supporting a draft bill that exempts survivors of sexual and gender-based violence from paying legal fees. This ensures that justice is accessible to those who need it most.

We are at the forefront of promoting gender equality in governance through the adoption of a new electoral law. Our efforts encourage greater representation of women in public positions, fostering a more inclusive and representative democracy.

Canada World: Voice for Women and Girls DRC established a dynamic media managers network dedicated to effectively covering women’s issues in the media. By amplifying these voices, we are reshaping public discourse and advancing gender equality.

Success stories

This program has been a catalyst of change, promoting gender equality and championing women’s rights. Through our advocacy efforts, we have successfully eliminated legal fees for victims of sexual and gender-based violence, ensuring justice for survivors.

In partnership with local stakeholders, this program has played a vital role in advocating for a new electoral law that prioritizes gender equality, leading to increased representation of women in public life. But our impact extends beyond mere legislation. We have spearheaded the creation of a network of media managers that focuses on effectively covering women’s issues in the media, amplifying their voices and stories.

Together, we are creating a future where gender equality is a reality and women’s rights are safeguarded.