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  • International Day of the Girl – Changing Policy to Keep Girls in School

    Juba Monitor reporter Jale Richard’s effort to raise concerns about problems in the distribution of a cash transfer meant to keep girls in school resulted in direct policy change – months after the first story broke. The story began when two people arrived in the Juba Monitor newsroom to tell their story about the distribution

  • Community Organization Calls for a Balanced Approach over Covid-19 Pandemic in South Sudan

    (JHR trained journalist John Agok of Agamlong NewsPaper) The government should not spend all money on Covid19 measures while neglecting other priorities such as other urgent medical attention, relief services for people cut off and those participating in essential agricultural activities. “The government’s failure to provide clean drinking water, food security, and health services to

  • Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support During Covid Times

    As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly sweeps across the world, it is inducing a considerable degree of fear, worry, and concern in the population at large and among certain groups in particular, such as older adults, care providers, and people with underlying health conditions. In South Sudan, the general public is having a similar experience. The

  • Going to South Sudan: a cross-program exchange

    By Lenny Carpenter Indigenous Reporters Program manager It all started one summer morning when I joined fellow program manager Zein Almoghraby for a cigarette outside the JHR head office. We made some chatter about a recent meeting when he suddenly changed the subject. “Do you want to go to South Sudan?” he asked. I wondered

  • JHR South Sudan holds several SPLA soldiers accountable for rape

    JHR-trained journalists Kidega Livingstone and Maura Ajak hold South Sudanese People’s Liberation Army soldiers accountable for rape as a weapon of war – and get justice for women in South Sudan. Kidega Livingstone of the Juba Monitor, and Maura Ajak of Bakhita Radio reported on a mass rape by SPLA soldiers of the governing party, in

  • Juba Monitor responds to hate speech with factual reporting, critical columns, and a meeting for editors

    By Carolyn Thompson, Trainer South Sudan It’s the first time Alfred Taban remembers seeing what he would call hate speech on the front page of a prominent newspaper in South Sudan. On Jan. 24, the Dawn, a popular daily newspaper, published an article saying some people from the diaspora of South Sudan’s Equatorian community had

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