WATCH: Information Saves Lives Webinar Diversity & Solidarity

We are pleased to share JHR’s webinar on Diversity and Solidarity with you. This webinar was the third in JHR’s #InformationSavesLives series and you can view the full webinar on JHR’s YouTube Page. 

The webinar was moderated by Karyn Pugliese, journalism professor at Ryerson, former Executive Director of News and Current Affairs at APTN, in discussion with Adrian Harewood, co-host of CBC News Ottawa, Anita Li, media strategist, journalism professor and co-founder of Canadian Journalists of Colour  and
Brandi Morin
, French/Cree/Iroquois journalist from Treaty 6 in Alberta on the topic of diversity and solidarity in Canadian media.

‘Newsrooms should seriously be investing in Indigenous journalists and journalists of colour, invest in beats and areas of underreported communities. Resources and time is needed’, Brandi Morin

‘If you’re not reflective of society and serve diverse audiences you’re doing a disservice to your listeners, your readers. That is bad leadership, bad journalism’, Adrian Harewood

‘This is a collective effort, and not just on the part of racialized people in Canada. All Canadians are going to benefit from greater diversity, especially when we’re talking about it in the context of the media. Storytelling is ultimately what bridges gaps; it’s what reduces polarization’, Anita Li.

JHR would like to thank CTV News for their sponsorship and TuringLabs for their generous support in the production of the webinar series.


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