URGENT APPEAL: Afghan journalists in Pakistan need your help!

Help JHR raise $100,000 through the summer and deliver emergency support to Afghan journalists still stuck in Pakistan.

When the Taliban took over Kabul on August 15, 2021, we saw one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters unfold in Afghanistan overnight. Every critic of the Taliban – journalists, educators, and advocates of human rights – suddenly had a huge target on their back. Journalists’ lives were never risk-free in Afghanistan, but the Taliban’s return increased the danger to an unlivable extent. 

Journalists for Human Rights initiated an emergency evacuation effort for vulnerable Afghans within days of the Taliban’s takeover. Since August 2021, JHR and its partner organizations have relocated, referred, and resettled more than 500 at-risk journalists, human rights defenders, and their families from Afghanistan. And we continue this work today.

After months, and sometimes years, of temporary shelter in third countries, hundreds of vulnerable Afghans have now been safely resettled in their new countries, where they can continue raising their voice for the rights of the Afghan people. This was only possible due to our donors’ generosity.

We still need to help 27 more vulnerable Afghans complete their journey to safety. In their current situation, their lives are in limbo: careers halted, income interrupted, children out of school, and faced with exorbitantly priced visa renewals every few months.

We’re asking for your help in raising $100,000 through the summer to ensure their safe passage. The gift you make right now provides them with a safe place to live, food and medical care, and other essential living needs while they wait to travel to Canada  Your donations also pay for key documents such as visas, travel and immigration support. 

Please make a donation today and get an instant tax receipt. We can not continue to support these brave journalists without your help.

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