Resources for Media

Understanding and Investigating Mis/Disinformation Workshop

Workshop Prepared by: Craig Silverman

Learn about how to understand and investigate mis/disinformation in news from JHR engaged trainers across Canada. These workshops are specifically designed for journalists and newsrooms and are 2 hours in length.

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Check out a handout highlighting the tools & resources covered in JHR’s workshop on understanding and investigating mis/disinformation information in news.

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Resources for the Public

Digital and News Literacy Workshop

Workshop Prepared by: CIVIX

Learn about how to improve your digital and news literacy skills including: how to critically assess online news reporting and editorials, how to recognize how and when malicious actors exploit online platforms, and tools to avoid being susceptible to online manipulation.

This workshop will be held online through training webinars and engage the Canadian public.

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What do you do when you see your friends sharing disinformation?

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Verification Tools: Everyday Tips

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Media resources were developed by Craig Silverman.

Digital and News Literacy Resources were developed by CIVIX.

All materials developed are free and available by request.

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