TANZANIA: Journalist trainings on COVID-19 reporting kicks off in the capital

Phase II of JHR’s Mobilizing Media To Fight COVID-19 program is off to a strong start! Earlier this week, we trained 17 journalists in a series of workshops in Dodoma, Tanzania.

Regional Coordinator Siyabulela Mandela shares from the field, “We are encouraged by the continued enthusiasm and interest from local journalists to join the Phase ll of the MMFC project. In 2022, JHR is continuing to work with a team of media trainers to build the capacity of local journalists in and around Tanzania’s capital to effectively communicate public health measures to control COVID-19 while debunking misinformation about the virus. To date, JHR has trained over 40 journalists in Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Dodoma, covering most of the major cities of Tanzania.”

The training also focuses on other areas, including human rights journalism, gender-sensitive reporting, and solutions journalism.

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