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  • Turkey: JHR’s Impactful Efforts in Securing Temporary Travel Permissions and Housing Rights for Displaced Syrians

    A woman sits in front of a large pile of debris in the city center of Kahramanmaras, southern Turkey, On February 6, 2023, a powerful earthquake devastated vast areas of southern Turkey and northwest Syria. At least 15.73 million people in Syria and Turkey have been impacted by the disaster, with over 55,000 dead and

  • Uniting Voices: JHR’s Media Mobilization Session

    In Turkey, JHR conducted a media mobilization session that brought together local journalists and representatives of civil society organizations. The primary objective of the session was to assess and monitor the editorial performance of media organizations. The participants engaged in meaningful conversations during the session regarding the significant results of media monitoring. The discussion mainly

  • Empowering Exiled Journalists for Human Rights Reporting

    Last week, JHR’s field office staff in Turkey organized the inaugural training sessions for one of our newest projects, the Connected Protection Journey. This project is funded by Open Society Foundations and aims to empower exiled Syrian and Afghan journalists. More than 28 trainees participated in two impactful days of training focussed on human rights

  • JHR statement on earthquakes affecting Turkey & Syria

    TORONTO, February 12, 2023: We at Journalists for Human Rights express our deep sympathy and solidarity with communities in Turkey and Syria affected by the devastating earthquakes of February 5-6, 2023. We wish to inform our supporters that all JHR staff members in Gaziantep are physically safe at this time. However, they have incurred heavy

  • TURKEY: Roundtable puts the spotlight on women in Syrian media

    Funding limitations and conservative social norms were identified as key reasons for the continued low participation of Syrian women in diaspora media in Turkey at the latest JHR roundtable, held in Gaziantep on August 9.  Twenty-eight representatives of Syrian media outlets and decision-makers took part in the discussion on improving women’s representation in newsrooms; the

  • TURKEY: JHR helps restore Syrian teachers’ jobs in Turkish schools

    In a July episode, JHR media partner Radio Nasaem discussed the Turkish government’s dismissal of 12,000 Syrian teachers, leading to the formation of the Syrian Educational Commission that successfully advocated for the reversal of the government’s decision on the teachers’ behalf. – Screenshot/Radio Nasaem After the civil war in Syria drove millions of refugees into

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