• DRC: A Step Toward Justice Congolese Pastor Arrested for Forced Marriage

    In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country where the echoes of human rights advocacy are increasingly resonating against the dense backdrop of social issues, a significant legal development has occurred. On January 22, 2024, an event unfolded that may mark a turning point in the country’s commitment to protecting its citizens’ rights. The Congolese

  • Recent Legislative Advancements to Combat Gender-Based Violence

    In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Despite the alarming increase in cases of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), there has been no specific law to combat this issue in the country. This has resulted in countless women and girls becoming victims of SGBV within their households and communities, with many cases going unpunished due

  • DRC: National Assembly passes law to exempt sexual violence survivors from paying high legal fees

    On May 18, 2023, DRC marked a big win in the country’s fight against sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). The National Assembly passed a law that exempts SGBV survivors from paying legal fees when pursuing a case against their perpetrators. Barring one abstention, the assembly unanimously voted in favour of the law. This new law

  • DRC: Presidential advisor pledges support for draft law waiving court fees for SGBV survivors

    The office of the Presidential Advisor on Sexual Violence in the DRC held a two-day workshop on May 5-6 to discuss ways to support proposed laws to combat violence. This event, which took place after JHR’s advocacy efforts with the Presidency, brought together several NGOs and civil society organizations from Bukavu, Goma and Kinshasa. JHR

  • DRC: Draft law to waive legal fees for SGBV survivors introduced in parliament

    In the DRC, a draft law to waive legal fees for sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) survivors has been introduced in the National Assembly. This draft law marks the fruition of a series of roundtables, organized by JHR’s Global Affairs Canada-funded program Canada World: Voices for Women and Girls’ Rights, which aimed to brainstorm interventions for

  • DRC: Four national deputies endorse proposed law exempting SGBV survivors from legal fees

    JHR’s Prince Murhala with Me Josepha Pumbulu, the representative of the DRC Minister of Justice, at the November 30 roundtable where four national deputies endorsed the proposed law to exempt SGBV survivors from legal fees  Four national deputies in the DRC have endorsed a proposed law to exempt survivors of sexual and gender-based violence from

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