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  • JHR-trained journalist named Human Rights Reporter of the year in Malawi

    Winston Mwale, a JHR-trained journalist working for Zodiak Broadcasting Station in Lilongwe, Malawi, has been named Human Rights Reporter of the year by the Media Institute of Southern Africa.   In March, Mwale approached JHR trainer Desiree Buitenbos with a concept for an investigative report about the progress of democracy in Malawi after the infamous

  • Empowering female journalist from Malawi is awarded the JHR/Fisher Fellowship through Massey College

    In Malawi, journalism is a male dominated profession; women rarely rise to the top, but Zodiak Radio’s Tereza Ndanga is one woman who won’t let stereotypes or misconceptions about female journalists stand in her way.   “Sometimes it’s difficult to win people’s trust when you are a female journalist. They think male journalists are better. I have

  • jhr Story Ends Hospital Water Shortage in Malawi

    In the summer of 2011 the Adventist Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi was facing water shortages on an ongoing basis. Despite complaints to the Blantyre Water Board, the issue was not being addressed. “It has been a persistent problem” said the Hospitals Chief Executive Officer Kirby Kasinja. “We have been complaining but we are just being

  • jhr’s IYIP interns in Ghana and Malawi: A journey in rights media

    by Pia Bahile   Getting There “By the time you get on the plane, you’ve worried yourself out,” says Jessica McDiarmid. “You’re just like, ‘Whatever happens, happens.” That’s how McDiarmid recalls July 8, the day that she left Canada for Ghana with nine other young journalists. The ten young people were on their way to

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