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  • Alumni Spotlight: Al-Varney Rogers champions mental health in Liberia

    For Al-Varney Rogers, a JHR alumni and reporter at Front Page Africa, nothing was sweeter than seeing the Liberian government announce a bill to help mentally ill people across the country.   Al-Varney, 28, has been reporting on the lack of a mental health policy, training, treatment, funding, and the stigma associated with mental health

  • Strong human rights reporting brings award to former JHR partner, Front Page Africa

    For the staff at Front Page Africa, the news that they had won the 2014 press award from Reporters without Borders was an acknowledgement that their work and their efforts towards a free press in Liberia was making a difference.   “It is a really fulfilling experience to learn that our work exposing the ills

  • Fighting Ebola in Liberia – frontline reporting in a crisis

    Kolubah Akoi didn’t start out to be a hero. But when the Ebola crisis hit Lofa County in Northern Liberia in July, instead of fleeing, the JHR-trained journalist decided to stay and report on the impacts of the devastating disease.

  • Setting the News Agenda in Liberia

    JHR Journalist leads national TV news team   At 7 pm on April 1st, Liberia National TV broadcast the evening news live for the first time in 22 years. Overseeing that broadcast was Nathan P. Charles, a JHR-trained award-winning journalist. As Acting TV News Coordinator, Nathan works with producers, reporters and camera people, to cover

  • JHR story exposes child rape case and a family gets justice

    In March, 2012, a team of three Liberian journalists, Oniel Bestman, Saye Messah, Mondeyesco Tulorgbo and JHR-trainer Bonnie Allen traveled to the Firestone Rubber Plantation to investigate the case of Caroline Tokpah, a 13-year old girl who died from shock and sepsis after being allegedly raped by a neighbor. The parents had reported the case

  • International recognition for JHR-mentored journalists from Liberia

    Two Liberian journalists who benefited from jhr’s mentoring program have been recognized for their quality reporting and rewarded with international training opportunities. Truth FM reporter Oniel Bestman was recently contacted by the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) and commended for his excellent reporting. Bestman had just finished four months of mentorship from jhr-trainer

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