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  • JORDAN: JHR trains journalists to produce gender sensitive reports on GBV

    JHR is training journalists in Jordan to carry out gender-sensitive reporting on GBV-related topics.  The media plays an important role in influencing public attitudes about critical issues in society. Gender-sensitive reporting makes sure to avoid stereotypes that perpetuate harmful narratives about women and men. When it comes to stories about gender-based violence, gender-sensitivity is especially

  • JHR Jordan launches Media Monitoring Study

    Journalists for Human Rights launched a quantitative and qualitative media monitoring study prepared by the researcher in media affairs, Muhammad Ghunaim. The study entitled “The extent of the media use of the JHR methodology PANEL in media content.” was carried out as part of its project “Increasing access to information through the media in Jordan”

  • Ajloun Clothing Factories: Jordanian Female Workers in Difficult Working Conditions

    Photo Credit: Ahmed Hamdan. Report: Shifa Qudah and Ansam Bani Ismail. Over the course of 2.5 years of work in the Anjara clothing factory in the Ajloun governorate, Fatima * (40s) * received only one day off, in order to avoid deducting any sums from her salary. “I don’t take off days because I need

  • Clearance and Discharge Documents: Instructions without Legal Basis Undermine Egyptian Workers’ Rights

    Photo credit: Zainab Abu Sitta. Reporter: Farah Radi Al-Darawi. August 9, 2020 Egyptian Abu Alaa* (40s) was unable to obtain a new permit for his current work, after the original employer who had brought him in 2016 to work on a farm in Madaba city refused to grant him a clearance, in order to move

  • Malicious Absconding Reports Deprive Egyptian Workers from Rights

    Photo credit: Zainab Abu Sitta. Reporter: Zainab Al Faqeer July 27th, 2020 In February 2018, Egyptian worker Fuad* went to Jordan to seek a livelihood, and his brothers Alaa and Salim accompanied him on this trip. At that time, the three of them signed a formal employment contract as workers on a farm in the

  • Farmer and Consumer: Who Benefits from High Vegetable Prices?

    Ammar Al Shuqairi Friday, June 12, 2020 During the early days of the curfew imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, retail and vegetable markets witnessed an increase in prices. Citizens complained about these prices through local media. The Ministry of Industry and Trade interfered and set price caps for some items, while the security services

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