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  • Learning to love the small victories

    By: Sarah Ladik, Community Journalism Trainer It would be an understatement to say that I am an ambitious person. Not in terms of fame or fortune or power – Lord knows I have zero aspirations to any of those. I mean ambitious in terms of what I can get done in a given amount of

  • Debwewin – Speaking the truth through creation of Naotkmaegwanning community newspaper

    By: Karli Zschogner Despite widespread online connectivity and short attention spans, physical papers remain for many the most comforting way to sit, read and enjoy their news. In the first days of meeting with staff at Baibombeh Anishinaabe School in Naotkamegwanning First Nation, inquiring about opportunities to provide journalism training to the students, it was

  • Migisi Sahgaigan goes to Shakopee Powwow

    By Ryan Suzuki The youth of Migisi Sahgaigan are reclaiming their identity and culture. This year Migisi Sahgaigan First Nation was awarded funding by the Laidlaw Foundation to undertake a cultural revitalization program called Reclaiming Our Identity. The concept was for youth to visit cultural events in the region, with the guidance and support of

  • Hitting a Journalism Home Run

    The season ended on a spectacular high. After a number of long games — some against players who were bigger and older — the Grassy Narrows Lynx took home silver at the KCA Jays Care Rookie League baseball tournament in Kenora, Ont. earlier this month. The day wrapped up with medals and a turkey feast.

  • Video Camp in Migisi Sahgaigan

    By Kaoru Ryan Suzuki Photos by Kaoru Ryan Suzuki   Video comprises the majority of the content on the internet, and that is only increasing. So, it is no surprise that video production is a popular field of inquiry in Migisi Sahgaigan. Migisi Sahgaigan is a small community in Northwestern Ontario, but it is rich

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