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  • The Launch of Progress

    By: Sam Calio, Community Journalism Trainer July has been a crazy productive month! I have two summer students, Ozzy and Jared, who are doing amazing work! Both of my students have been writing stories and taking photos for our online paper, Peetabeck News, which we officially launched Aug. 2. When my students first arrived in

  • Fishin’ in the dark

    By: Kimberley Hartwig, Community Journalism Trainer Lazy yellow moon comin’ up tonight Shinin’ through the trees Crickets are singin’ and lightning bugs Are floatin’ on the breeze You and me going fishing in the dark I used to hear this song at a country bar back in Saskatoon and I would always think to myself,

  • Da Yoot

    By: Ara Sauvage, Community Journalism Trainer It’s hard to believe I’ve been in Iskatewizaagegan No.39 Independent First Nation for 4 months now! Sometimes I never want it to end. My favorite part thus far has been the 48 hour jam-packed camping trip out on Shoal Lake.  With eleven youth aged 11 and up, two inspiringly

  • Land-based learning in Nibinamik lets the kids shine

    By: Kimberley Hartwig, Community Journalism Trainer Every year, the people of Nibinamik flee the community for the peace and tranquility of the Breathing Grounds, also known as O-ma-day-na-moh-win-nik. The area was the brainchild of Mike Wabasse, a Nibinamik elder, who wanted to create a place where youth could come to learn traditional activities and ways

  • Questions and Answers

    How going back to basics made me think harder about what I think is basic. By: Sarah Ladik, IRP Community Journalism Trainer DEER LAKE FIRST NATION, ON – There are many good habits you develop as a journalist. Bring an extra pen. Bring a pencil in case it’s cold out and your pen freezes. Bring

  • Experiencing Break-Up Season

    By: Sam Calio, Community Journalism Trainer Wachiye* from Fort Albany First Nation! It has been a very exciting time in Fort Albany. The moment I landed in community people started mentioning something called “break-up” and the goose hunt. Both equally important to this community. Unfortunately, I was unable to partake in the goose hunt but

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