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  • Live with 90.1FM Fort Albany

    By: Sam Calio, Community Journalism Trainer This month I’ve spent a lot of time in the Fort Albany radio station. It’s a small building tucked away in the middle of the community. My after school program, Junior Journalists, and community member Xavier Inishinapay have both been hosting weekly shows throughout September.  I’ve mentioned Xavier before

  • Lessons Learned

    By: Sam Calio, Community Journalism Trainer The month of August was a challenge, but brought many life lessons. This month, I was able to work with three new summer students. Each student taught me a very valuable lesson. The lessons were sometimes difficult but I’m happy I was able to work through them. My students

  • Experiencing Break-Up Season

    By: Sam Calio, Community Journalism Trainer Wachiye* from Fort Albany First Nation! It has been a very exciting time in Fort Albany. The moment I landed in community people started mentioning something called “break-up” and the goose hunt. Both equally important to this community. Unfortunately, I was unable to partake in the goose hunt but

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