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  • Meet Patrick Egwu, 2021-2022 JHR/Gordon N. Fisher Fellow at Massey College

    The Gordon N. Fisher/JHR Journalism Fellowship at Massey College in the University of Toronto is an annual opportunity for a journalist from the Sub-Saharan Africa or the Middle East to participate in the William Southam Journalism Fellowship Program. This year’s recipient of the Gordon N. Fisher/JHR Fellowship at Massey College is Patrick Egwu, a Nigerian

  • Interviewing Emefa Nancy: 2019/2020 Fisher Fellow

      Share your personal journey. What led you down the path of your current profession? Right from infancy I’ve always wanted to take up a profession that will give me the chance to help the less privileged. As a child I wanted to be a politician because I believed they had the power to change

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