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  • KENYA: Community-led advocacy critical in ending Female Genital Mutilation

    The milestone is an outcome of close to ten months of community engagement and empowerment of a local anti-FGM steering committee to trace, document and report potential FGM cases in their neighbourhood. Elders in Chepkokogh Location, West Pokot County, with the I-Rep Foundation team and local authorities during the inaugural elder’s forum in February 2023.

  • KENYA: JHR works to engage men as allies in fight against FGM

    The anti-FGM elder engagement forum underway Seventy-six-year-old Joel Kalya is a happy elder. He has seen his daughters through school successfully in a region where female genital mutilation (FGM) is a mandatory rite of passage for girls, pushing them into early marriages. Joel hails from Chepkokogh location in Lomut Ward in West Pokot County, Kenya,

  • KENYA: How climate change is driving FGM and early marriages

    By Sylvia Thomson CBC News producer & JHR trainer for the Canada World program When I arrived in Nairobi in early January, the local JHR team here was talking a lot about climate change and how it intersects with gender issues. It’s been eye-opening in the hot, rainless months since then, to hear stories about

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