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  • Webinar on Covid19 & Inequalities in Health Facilities in Mali

      Mariam Tandina, Abdoulaye Guindo and Alexis Kalambry during the webinar about inequalities in health services in Mali. Photo Credit: JHR Mali On April 29, Alexis Kalambry, one of the JHR Media Trainers in Mali,  hosted a webinar on the inequalities that the Covid-19 has accentuated in health facilities in Mali, particularly with regard to

  • Irbid Health Centers Poor Service Harms Beneficiaries

    July 9 – Ahmed Bani Hani Umm Muhammad visits the Ibn Sina Primary Health Center, in the city of Irbid, to prescribe the monthly treatment of her 60-year-old father, who suffers from heart disease, but in many times they provide her with alternative medicines, which leave many side effects to her father, saying, “They gave

  • Increasing Drug Shortages during Coronavirus Crisis

    Hibatullah Obeidat Thursday, July 02, 2020 Eleven years after her first pregnancy, Rima, the mother of four who lives in Mafraq Governorate, discovered that she suffers from hyperthyroidism, which requires visiting Mafraq Governmental Hospital, for a monthly examination based on which the medication is prescribed and dispensed for a month. But the announcement of the

  • How Jordan Disposes of Hazardous Coronavirus Medical Waste

    Ahmed Bani Hani Monday, June 29, 2020 “If we do this, others will, at the end of the day, we must wear protective clothing and masks, and God shall protect us”. This is how Rakan Abbasi, (20s), the environmental worker at the founder King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH), describes the risk of his work in

  • Community Organization Calls for a Balanced Approach over Covid-19 Pandemic in South Sudan

    (JHR trained journalist John Agok of Agamlong NewsPaper) The government should not spend all money on Covid19 measures while neglecting other priorities such as other urgent medical attention, relief services for people cut off and those participating in essential agricultural activities. “The government’s failure to provide clean drinking water, food security, and health services to

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