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  • July 18: Rachel Pulfer on what Nelson Mandela means to her

    By Rachel Pulfer, Executive Director JHR I was very young when I first heard the name Nelson Mandela – six or seven. My family had recently moved to Lesotho, a small mountainous kingdom completely surrounded by South Africa, and it was the early 1980s. I knew he was in jail, and I knew he was

  • South Sudanese Journalists Report on Covid-19

    South Sudanese journalists have produced many Covid-19 related stories, providing the population with accurate information, through radio, and in print.  A number of radio shows have also highlighted the impact of the pandemic on human rights, the impact on women and girls, and on mental health.  Radio talk show host and Eye Radio journalist Okot

  • Lessons learned from Ebola to fight Covid-19

    Journalist Kolubah B. Akoi – first in line at the launch of the journalists’ cross county awareness about the prevention of the Coronavirus march 25, 2020 in Voinjama Ci By Kolubah B. Akoi When I first started to cover the Ebola outbreak in 2014, it was like traveling without knowing where and why I was

  • Help Journalists Fight Covid-19 and Save Lives

    Unprecedented. That is the word people use, time and again, to describe the historical moment we are living through with Covid19. And yet we are all navigating it, as best as we can. For amidst the grim daily statistics and stories of tragedy, there is heroism, even joy. And there is a future. We will get

  • En RDC, comme pour l’Ebola, il faut lutter contre la désinformation sur le Coronavirus

      Photo: video de JHR. Dr. Chasumba Kangela De Prince Murhula Le 10 mars, la République démocratique du Congo a libéré le dernier patient de l’épidémie de l’Ebola dans le centre de Beni à l’est du pays. Le même jour, le pays a enregistré son premier patient atteint du coronavirus dans la capitale de Kinshasa.

  • COVID-19 lessons learned from covering the Ebola pandemic in Sierra Leone

    This article was published in The Toronto Star online By Mustapha Dumbuya Contributors Amara Bangura Rachel Pulfer Tues., April 7, 2020timer4 min. read Journalists for Human Rights trains local journalists to cover human rights. We work in places where access to basic services ranges from challenging to non-existent. In such environments, journalists work to provide

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