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  • TUNISIA: How is women’s access to reproductive health impacted by COVID-19?

    In order to improve access to information on the rights of women and girls in Tunisia in the context of COVID-19, JHR continues to organize online forums in collaboration with Kashfmedia, a JHR media partner in the country. The latest discussion, which took place via Facebook Live, featured local experts Madiha Jamal, Dr Bassam Abdel-Mouly,

  • WEBINAR MMFC: Comment aider les femmes à faire face aux conséquences socio-économiques de la Covid-19 au Mali?

    Comment aider les femmes à faire face aux conséquences socio-économiques de la Covid-19 au Mali? Webinar de Mai 18, 2021 Cette question a été discutée au cours d’un webinar organisé par JHR entre un groupe de femmes entrepreneures et la Directrice du Fonds d’appui à l’Autonomisation des Femmes et à l’Epanouissement des Enfants (FAFE) du

  • Webinar on Covid19 & Inequalities in Health Facilities in Mali

      Mariam Tandina, Abdoulaye Guindo and Alexis Kalambry during the webinar about inequalities in health services in Mali. Photo Credit: JHR Mali On April 29, Alexis Kalambry, one of the JHR Media Trainers in Mali,  hosted a webinar on the inequalities that the Covid-19 has accentuated in health facilities in Mali, particularly with regard to

  • Training on Human Rights and the Impact of Covid19

    With the pandemic in full force this past year, JHR started the ‘Mobilizing Media Fighting Covid19’ project. The project is aimed at providing accurate information on public health, countering misinformation on Covid19 and is financially supported  by Global Affairs Canada (GAC). The project is active in 12 countries across Africa and the Middle East. Journalists

  • Uganda’s Presidential Advisor on Covid19 speaks with Ugandan journalists

    Dr. Monica Musenero, speaking at the JHR MMFC training in Uganda, organized by HEJNU. Photocredit: HEJNU As part of JHR’s ‘ Mobilizing Media Fighting Covid19’ project, JHR’s media partner Health Journalists Network Uganda (HEJNU), led by Esther Nakkazi and supported by JHR Regional Coordinator Siyabulela Mandela, invited three speakers, Dr. Monica Musenero, Presidential advisor on

  • The Mandela that I Know, by Siyabulela Mandela

    Siyabulela Mandela is the Team Leader for Journalists for Human Rights in South Sudan and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations and Conflict Resolution in the Department of Politics and Conflict Studies at Nelson Mandela University, South Africa. This working paper was written for the George Mason University in the US   Ah

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