Tackling Misinformation through Media for Peacebuilding in South Sudan: A New Project by JHR

Journalists for Human Rights has launched a new project in South Sudan, supported by the Canadian Government through the Peace and Stabilisation Operations Programme (Peace UPS).
This project was launched in a spirit of partnership and shared purpose, bringing together South Sudanese media representatives and government officials. The event was marked by the participation of the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Information and the Canadian Ambassador to South Sudan, highlighting the collaborative effort required to tackle the challenge of misinformation. The discussions at the launch made it clear: there is a collective responsibility among journalists, the Government, and the public to promote truth and dismantle the networks of misinformation.

JHR’s project is more than a campaign against false information; it’s a critical component of building a peaceful society in South Sudan. It’s founded on the belief that well-informed citizens are essential to the foundation of peace and stability. The project includes a series of workshops for journalists on fact-checking and investigative reporting, alongside public awareness campaigns about the impact of misinformation and disinformation, aiming to strengthen the nation’s capacity to identify and reject false narratives.

The essence of the project is to cultivate an environment where accurate information thrives, reducing the capacity for misinformation and disinformation to spark and spread conflict. By equipping journalists with the skills needed for precise and ethical reporting and by encouraging the public to critically assess the information they encounter, JHR is working towards a society where misinformation can no longer take root.

This project steps beyond the conventional media campaign; it is an integral step towards knitting a cohesive and stable society in South Sudan. In an era where misinformation and disinformation spreads rapidly, the work of JHR and its partners stands out as a vital strategy, showing how commitment, education, and collaborative support can lead the way to a peaceful and thriving society.

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