Squatters under collapsed bridge are finally compensated

jhr-trained journalist, Moses Wenyou reported a story in December 2008 that had a significant impact on the lives of a group of Liberian people. A group of squatters under the collapsed Vai Town Bridge were awaiting resettlement compensation. Over 130 people were sleeping under the construction zone and washing their clothes over the collapsed area of the bridge. After Wehnyou’s story on Star Radio, the government and World Bank agreed to provide compensation to those who were properly vetted by the end of January. The committee said petit traders, individual households and vulnerable people are the targeted beneficiaries. The compensation process was set in place in hopes of clearing the area before reconstruction began. Read the original article below.

Under the Bridge No More

By Moses Wenyou with photo essay by Grant Fuller, Star Radio, Monrovia, Liberia

Young boys wash clothes over the collapsed midsection of the Old Bridge. (Photograph by Grant Fuller)


People living under collapsed Old Bridge wait for resettlement compensation. Anticipations are high among people living under Monrovia’s collapsed Old Bridge for their relocation funds promised them by government. Our reporter, who visited the bridge, said there are strong indications that reconstruction work has begun. Residents told our reporter they have seen people with shovels and other working tools trying to construct a fence around the bridge where the work is concentrated. Some of them are awaiting their resettlement funds before vacating the area.


Follow up story “Government, World Bank to compensate squatters” can be found at http://www.starradio.org.lr/content/view/10417/59/

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