Reporting that Rebuilt a School in Liberia

When jhr-trained journalist Garmonyou Wilson saw the treacherous conditions of a mission school in Gbarpolu, he was moved act. He knew the rights of children were being violated; the safety hazard s of a crumbling infrastructure meant that many children were turned away and left with no alternative school to attend for hours in each direction. Wilson featured the school in an article that was picked up by The Inquirer, a major newspaper in Monrovia. His appeal for assistance was quickly answered by a church official eager to help reconstruct the school. Garmonyou is glad that Rights Media inspired a call to action that will improve the lives of children in Gbarpolu. Read the original article below

Zuo Mission School Appeals for Assistance

By Garmonyou Wilson in Gbarpolu County, Liberia for The Inquirer


The Zuo Mission School in Gbarpolu County that was destroyed by the long years of civil conflict in Liberia is appealing to the Government of Liberia, NGOs and philanthropists to come to the aid of the school to help the hundreds of school children in the surrounding villages and towns to receive education.


The Zuo Mission School in Gbarma District, Gbarpolu County was once a thriving school that educated superintendents, city mayors, nurses and former students who now occupy many diverse positions in the society today. The main school building that is large enough to hold some 300 students from all surrounding towns was during the Liberian civil conflict razed by a rocket and ever since that the little children from the villages and towns that are not opportuned to live on the mission and take advantage of the school have left not attending any school at all.


The school now uses the basement of the director’s residence to cater to seventy-five students that go to the school and hiding from the sun and rain the students tucked themselves in corners just to get a dose of the lesson that the nearly eight teachers teach them every day. The school now supports itself through a community farming initiative to feed and cater to its mission kids but with sixty mission kids and some US$75,000 to re-build the school the school is in dire need of assistance to bring the mission back to its pre-war status wherein children from all adjacent villages and towns come to receive education.


Anyone wishing to help the Zuo Mission School in Gbarpolu County should please call (00231) 04955774 for details.

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