SOUTH AFRICA: JHR collaborates with Lawyers for Human Rights on statelessness seminar for journalists

On October 17 and 18, JHR collaborated with Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) to deliver training for journalists in Johannesburg to report ethically and effectively on human rights issues related to migration and statelessness in southern Africa. With increased reporting and awareness, attitudes toward statelessness will change and action to eradicate the issue will be accelerated.

JHR Regional Coordinator for East and Southern Africa Siyabulela Mandela and various representatives from LHR delivered the training, along with long-time JHR partner Media Monitoring Africa. Twenty media houses from Southern Africa and East Africa attended the two-day seminar.

Themes covered during the training included the impact of experiencing statelessness in childhood, laws related to statelessness, attitudes, myths and misconceptions related to migration, and the role of various entities to address the issue.

Trainees also benefitted from JHR’s other training modules on gender-sensitive reporting, combatting mis- and disinformation, solutions journalism, story pitching, among others.




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