Prix JDH Awards bring DR Congo’s stories to the forefront

Prix JDH winners and Friends of JHR at the awards ceremony in Kinshasa
Prix JDH winners and Friends of JHR at the awards ceremony in Kinshasa
The third annual Prix JDH awards ceremony was a huge success! The awards, recognizing quality journalism on human rights and governance issues in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, were distributed at a ceremony in Kinshasa on December 20th 2012. Stories such as Isabelle Moengo’s report on the challenging integration of the visually impaired into Congolese society are a testament to the impact of rights media, and the overall vision of JHR.


Prix JDH, the first of its kind in the DRC, has been monumental in influencing human rights reporting across the country; journalists from 10 out of 11 provinces submit work for recognition this year. In total there were over 40 submissions.


In three short years, Prix JDH has seen increased participation from national and international media outlets as well as human rights organizations. Improved cooperation between JHR and its partners, such as Search For Common Ground, Union Congolaise des Femmes des Médias and our solid support base at home in Canada–including yoursupport–help ensure  that local journalists are able to vocalize the issues their communities face. However, we can’t do it alone. Together, we empower journalists to continue to produce work that will be recognized for awards and act as a catalyst for change in the community.


The 2012 Prix JDH winners represent ambitious, bold and insightful reporting.


Isabelle Moengo, of Radio Television Groupe Kinshasa, won for best feature story for her expose on children’s rights, The Education of Visually Impaired Children.


Sandra Safi, of Journalists for the Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights (JPDDH) in Bukavu, was awarded for best feature story on environmental rights for Trees Replace Houses in Bukavu. 


Seraphine Mapendo, also of JPDDH, was recognized for her story on good governance, People’s Justice in Bukavu.


Monor Kabondo, of  L’objectif in Kinshasa, wrote a story describing financial disputes between neighbouring families in Kinshasa. His reporting was recognized with the award for best feature story on peaceful resolution of conflict, Two Families Come to Blows over $650 Debt in Kimbangu. 


Clarissa Musumba, of Rural Radio MUNKU in Kinshasa, was presented with the award for best feature story on women’s rights; her storyMbankana’s Young Women Face Education Barriers detailed the right to education for rural girls.


JHR is incredibly proud of the 2012 winners’ work. Congratulations to all!

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