Photographers take to the streets of Sierra Leone

In August 2009, jhr’s former Country Director in Sierra Leone, Stephen Douglas, met the Indigenous Photographers Union of Sierra Leone, a group of 60 photographers hoping to learn more about photography as a career.

Photographers from the Lion Photo Studio on Siaka Stevens Road in Freetown go on a fieldtrip to Kent Beach via Tomba Town on April 2nd.

Douglas began conducting workshops on photographic technique, composition, business and ethics and ended the class with a field trip through town. The Indigenous Photographers Union of Sierra Leone is re-vamping their building and academy as they pursue further training opportunities. “When I first met the Indigenous Photographers Union of Sierra Leone, they lacked direction, leadership, etc.” says Stephen.


“Since doing the workshops, going on the field trip, and then applying for the NGO grant, the union has made remarkable advances. They’re holding national elections. More photographers are treating the industry as a profession… and are more serious about the industry. They’ve started issuing invoices. They’re pursuing further training opportunities. They’re applying for funding from labour congress to do workshops. It’s been a remarkable change…”

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