The Significance of JHR’s Impact on the Ongoing Transition Reforms Process

In a significant step towards progress, the Transitional Government of Mali recently adopted the National Youth Policy and its 2023-2027 action plan, paving the way for the Youth Representation Law. This law is aimed at enhancing the inclusion and participation of young people in public governance and sustainable development. The Youth Representation Act stands as a beacon of hope for young individuals seeking to actively participate in the decision-making processes of their country. By providing opportunities for youth representation, this act ensures that their voices are heard and valued in shaping the nation’s future.

The Youth Representation Act stands as a significant milestone and is a direct outcome of the public Panel held on March 26, organized in collaboration with JHR in Mali and the newspaper “Mali Plume.” This insightful event centered around addressing the aspirations of young people and women during the Transition’s expected reforms.

Distinguished panelists, including influential figures like Mr. Nouhoun Sarr, Member of the National Transitional Council and President of the FAD political party, and Ms. Kadidia Fofana, a prominent CSO leader, and municipal Councilor, shared their expertise and perspectives. The engagement of Ms. Zeinab Evelyne Jacques, President of the Coalition of Youth Forces for Renewal (COFOR), and Mr. Boubacar Yalcouyé, Secretary General of the National Youth Council of Mali (CNJ), added to the panel’s significance.

With 90 participants, including 34 women, this enlightening activity garnered widespread media coverage through various television channels, radios, and newspapers, including Renouveau TV, Mali’s most-watched private television channel. This extensive coverage played a crucial role in raising awareness about the discussions and outcomes of the panel, reaching a vast audience and generating public interest.

On May 2, the panel’s final report was officially submitted to the Minister of State Refoundation, responsible for Relations with Institutions. The submission, graced by the presence of JHR’s Project Manager in Mali and “Mali Plume’s” Coordinator, marks a crucial step in our commitment to the “Amplifying the voice of women through Media in the context of transition and reforms” project, generously supported by NED.


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