JHR media partner Actuel Media’s report on political exclusion of women with disabilities sparks action from NGO

Burkina Faso-based civil society organization
Association Les Albinos d’Emmanuel is taking a big step towards increasing inclusivity in West Africa. Following JHR media partner Actuel Media’s powerful online report on the political exclusion of women living with disabilities in Mali, the association decided to broaden the focus of their latest social inclusion project in Mali from targeting people with albinism to people with all types of disabilities.  

Mariam Maiga, President of Les Albinos d’Emmanuel, said to Actuel Media reporter Mahamadou Diarra, “The online story published on Actuel Media affected me enormously. The project will be implemented in Mali in favor of people with all types of disabilities, not only people with albinism. For Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire, actions will benefit women with albinism. But for Mali, we are changing specifically to target people living with disabilities. I want social integration and we have to find solutions for the development of our people. Congratulations for all the work done in favor of people with disabilities, also for humanity.”

Actuel Media’s report highlighted the struggles of people with disabilities individuals, particularly women, to find political inclusion in Mali. It shed light on the discrimination faced by people with disabilities and the lack of implementation of laws introduced to protect their rights. Testimonies painted a stark picture of the challenges faced by women with disabilities, battling demeaning attitudes and societal exclusion.

The report was produced as part of JHR’s NED-funded project, “Amplify the Voice of Women through the Media in the Context of Transition and Reforms in Mali.” Implemented by JHR since 2021, the project has trained 96 journalists and facilitated the production of more than 140 reports raising awareness about critical social issues. 

Through training and mentorship, these journalists drive positive change and raise awareness about the rights of vulnerable communities.

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