Journey through Jordan: Day 16

Day 16

The quaint-as-can-be antique shop
The quaint-as-can-be antique shop

When I first learned that I’d be heading to Jordan for a month-long adventure in September, everyone kept telling me the same thing: the Jordanian people are as nice as they come.

It was something I knew I’d have to experience on my own to believe, but trust me when I say this, it’s truer than true.

Friday is a weekend here in Jordan. Despite a few stories on the go, everyone is enjoying their weekend, which meant today was a day off for me as well.

I set out for downtown to visit the Roman Amphitheatre (once again), because it’s positively fascinating how much history stands on this land.

I perfected the art of crossing the street and entered a few stores here and there, when an antique shop caught my eye.

For anyone that knows me, antiques are my thing. They tell such interesting stories and I have more than a few decorating my condo – I guess I really am my mother’s daughter.

I picked up a few things, but what I wasn’t expecting was the hospitality and conversation that ensued.

The storeowner and his son had a family friend visiting, and I was invited in for tea or coffee, while I looked around.

The shop was filled to the brim with knick-knacks, in all kinds of silver and gold, and hundreds of beaded necklaces hung from every inch of the corner store.

We talked about Canada, as the storeowner proudly pulled out a special commemorative box from his desk – it was a set of real silver coins from the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Though I only stayed for 20 minutes, it’s just one example of how friendly the Jordanian people really are, and how proud they are to share in anything that links us together.

When I finished with my downtown adventure, I received an email from one of the participants from the workshop, Abdallah.

He’s been working at the Media Centre throughout the elections and wanted to let me know that he put what he learned in the workshop to good use.

He created a three-part graph, which he included in a report on the election results.

The participants of the workshop have even created a Facebook group to share their work and ask questions, and Abdallah said he received great feedback from many of them.

My time in Jordan is winding down, and I really feel as though the memories and experiences here will shape me for the rest of my life.

It’s reassuring to know that I’ve made an impact; in the same positive way this place will leave a lasting impression on me.


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