JORDAN: JHR trains journalists to produce gender sensitive reports on GBV

JHR is training journalists in Jordan to carry out gender-sensitive reporting on GBV-related topics. 

The media plays an important role in influencing public attitudes about critical issues in society. Gender-sensitive reporting makes sure to avoid stereotypes that perpetuate harmful narratives about women and men. When it comes to stories about gender-based violence, gender-sensitivity is especially important. 

Since May 2021, JHR has been partnering with the North-South Centre to train journalists in Jordan to produce gender-sensitive reporting about GBV in the local context to support the public dialogue on the issue. The program also involves training civil society organizations to improve their media relations and public outreach skills. The overall goal of the program is to improve the implementation of the national GBV protection and support mechanisms in Jordan. 

Read the latest stories from the program (in Arabic) below:

Bullying and violence towards women athletes in Jordan

by Salam Akram Mahmoud Freihat and Nadeem Abed Al Samad

Inequalities in salaries in the health sector

by Ahmad Mahmoud Zidan Banihani

Economic violence against working women

by Ahmad Mahmoud Zidan Banihani

Suffering emotional abuse

by Shefa’a Yahya Ahmad Al Qudah


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