JHR-Trained Journalist Named Best Female Reporter at Sierra Leone National Media Awards

Mabel Kabba was awarded Best Female Reporter at the Annual National Media Awards in Sierra Leone.
Mabel Kabba  (right) was awarded Best Female Reporter at the Annual National Media Awards.

Mabel Kabba, a rising star at Radio Democracy, was recently named Best Female Reporter by the Sierra Leone Independent Media Commission at the annual National Media Awards. Mabel began working in Radio six years ago, and is one of five female journalists at her station. In 2013, Mabel worked with JHR Trainer Redmond Shannon on human rights stories focusing on food security, girls education, and the rights of the disabled.


As Mabel’s interviewing, storytelling and editing skills grew with JHR mentorship, her radio reports became compelling documentaries of challenges faced by Sierra Leoneans. Even reporters at a competing radio station described her work as “brilliant.”


Investigating why street traders were selling expired food, Mabel spoke to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau, and young men who scour the dump for expired cans of food. With her JHR trainer’s guidance, Mabel used ambient sound and diverse voices to bring the story to life. Mabel continues to use the skills that she learned from JHR in the newsroom at Radio Democracy, and at JHR we are thrilled that she is being recognized for her work. Congratulations Mabel!

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