JHR-trained journalist helps transform hospital conditons in Bong Country, Liberia

Nathen Charles, right, is the JHR journalist who produced a series of reports that lead to improved conditions at the Bong Mines Hospital in Liberia

Nathan Charles, a JHR trained journalist, spent over two months investigating and exposing the poor conditions at the Bong Mines hospital in Bong County, Liberia. Through his ongoing investigation, Charles discovered that not only did the health center have inadequate facilities to serve the surrounding community, it also was short on doctors and medication.


“Through support from the JHR mentorship program  I was able to produce  seven stories , three reports and four interviews from the area on the health conditions and I did constant  follow up interviews  with health authorities,” said Charles. It wasn’t long before word spread about the conditions patients endured at the Bong Mines Hospital and the Liberian government was forced to step in. The hospital now has a new doctor on staff and the Chief Physician’s Assistant,  Bobbie Moore, said that thanks to the work of Charles, the hospital is now taking on more patients and has a consistent flow of medication. In a letter to JHR trainer Bonnie Allen, who helped mentor Charles,  Charles wrote, “I’d like to say thanks to you and JHR for the level of continuous support you provided me during the mentorship program.”


Charles is going to continue following the story to ensure that the residents of Bong Country recieve the medical attention they deserve

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