JHR trained Dana Gibreel uncovers deaths during police raids

Dana Gibreel with her parents

Dana Gibreel, a 28-year-old Jordanian journalist won the first place at JHR annual human rights journalism award in Jordan on December 2nd. Dana dared to take on a very sensitive and controversial security issue in Jordan that has barely been covered. Her winning story shed light on the killing of twenty-seven citizens and seven security personnel during security raids between January 2013 and October 2015.

Dana interviewed some of the victims’ family members to reveal the circumstances that led to the killings and how law enforcement was complying with legal procedures in such situations – or not.

Dana also interviewed CSOs representatives who are responsible of monitoring and documenting human rights violations, such as Nisreen Zriqat from the National Center for Human Rights, who criticized law enforcement for not being transparent regarding the casualties of their raids.

Representatives of law enforcement institutions didn’t comment, however the government coordinator for human rights in the prime ministers’ office stated to Dana that any use of unnecessary violence is illegal and unacceptable.

Dana’s covering of the story was very courageous, requiring caution and bravery. It has shone a spotlight on the issue and shown that the situation puts more pressure on law enforcement to improve their game and enhance the people’s trust in the rule of law, and not the opposite.

JHR’s practical training on human rights and data journalism, in addition to on the job mentorship, equipped the young journalist with exceptional skills and encouraged her to lead in the investigation on police brutality allegations.

After wining JHR award, Dana was invited to attend the fourth Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2016 in Paris as one of the representatives of young journalists in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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