From Radio Show to Green Initiatives – Journalists Pioneering Environmental Awareness

Last year, JHR supported The Green Economy radio show on Radio Nawa. Through engaging forums, we delved into vital topics concerning environmental rights and the profound impact of climate change on the country. These topics encompass water security, food security, desertification, pollution, and agricultural challenges.

This significant endeavor was an integral part of JHR’s activities in Iraq, funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund – UNDEF through the Strengthening Independent Media in the Arab Region program. Building on the success of this program, the dedicated journalist Nora Al-Sultan, along with Counselor Adel Al-Mukhtar, journalists, and other experts, initiated a local project titled Our Iraq Is Calling for Help.

In recent developments, this inspiring initiative has evolved into the Iraq Green Observatory Driven by the collective passion of journalists who worked on Our Iraq Is Calling for Help, this online platform is committed to collecting and publishing data related to environmental and climate changes, human rights stories, and insightful reports.

Explore further information about the initiatives and data-driven insights available on the Iraq Green Observatory website. 

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