Hearing from JHR Gender and Team leaders Judie Kaberia, Prince Murhula and Moro Siaka Diallo this International Development Week

Tuesday and Wednesday of International Development Week 2021 saw JHR Gender and Team Leaders Judie Kaberia, Prince Murhula and Moro Siaka Diallo host webinars on the impact of JHR’s work in Kenya, Mali and DRC.
DRC and Mali Team Leaders Prince Murhula and Moro Siaka Diallo featured in a webinar with Global Affairs Canada on Tuesday, discussing the effect of COVID-19 on journalists and the challenges journalists, in particular female journalists, face. In Mali, JHR worked to ensure health information about COVID-19 was made accessible to all, including the hearing impaired, via sign language interpretation videos. Click here to watch the video.
“Many journalists in #DRC who were presenting the news and had to finish their work after 20h00 were arrested during the first lockdown in March 2020. They had to choose between informing the people or staying at home in order to avoid being harassed.”
On Wednesday, JHR Gender Media Trainer Judie Kaberia featured in a special presentation on the impact of COVID-19 on women & girls in Kenya. In recent months Judie Kaberia, Sammy Muraya and the Voices for Women and Girls’ Rights team have led workshops on human rights reporting, training that prioritizes women’s voices while also highlighting the role of men in supporting gender rights, and explored sexual harassment issues in newsrooms.
Click here to see Judie speaking about the role of men in the elimination of FGM.

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