Empowering Journalists in the Arab Region through Interactive Data Visualization

JHR recently conducted two training sessions, focusing on data management and its presentation through interactive visual designs on websites and social media. The attendees of these sessions were journalists from Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Following the training sessions, there was an immediate improvement in the skills of local Lebanese journalists. Harnessing their newly acquired prowess, some journalists embarked on creating environmental journalism stories with an impressive interactive presence.

In Lebanon, JHR teamed up with Awan Media to roll out the ‘Strengthening Independent Media in the Arab Region’ program, which was generously funded by United Nations Democracy Fund. This alliance has played a critical role in propelling this initiative forward as several local journalists have started applying their newly acquired skills to create high-quality environmental journalism stories with an interactive online presence.

The impact of this initiative extends beyond its current activities and funding; it provides local journalists with tools and skills that will be beneficial in the long run. As Lebanon faces challenging times, these trained journalists can support their communities through their augmented reporting capabilities.

By equipping local journalists with essential tools and skills, JHR and partner organizations empower them with data visualization skills; they’re enhancing their storytelling and making a significant contribution to their communities amid formidable challenges. It is heartening to see how they are utilizing their new skills to shine a light on pressing environmental issues.
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