DemocracyXChange Annual Summit

Featuring Rachel Pulfer, Siyabulela Mandela and Karyn Pugliese

On Wednesday, October 14, from 10 am to 11:40 am, JHR regional coordinator and youth leader Siyabulela Mandela and Ryerson professor, Nieman Scholar and former head of news at APTN, Karyn Pugliese will discuss Representation vs Racism: On Journalism and Democratic Inclusion with JHR’s Rachel Pulfer. The session spans global and Canadian contexts to examine why, in a democracy, it is so important to include diverse voices in media. 

DemocracyXChange is Canada’s annual democracy summit, aiming to raise critical questions about systemic inequality, the relevance of our public institutions and how we can respond to this global moment with imagination. Co-organized by the Ryerson Leadership Lab and the Open Democracy Project, The Summit will be ‘pay what you can’, and starts on October 13. Find out more at  

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