Creating a Community News Site And Radio In Eabametoong

In Eabametoong First Nation, youth Justin Morris uses skills acquired through JHR trainer Leigh Nunan’s mentorship to get hired as a local community reporter.

Leigh Nunan is a journalism trainer in Eabametoong First Nation for the Indigenous Reporters Program. She worked with the band manager, Stella Waboose, and cable/radio station manager, Mellissa Quisses, to source financial support for one part-time employee to gather local news and give regular updates to the community via radio and a website.|

They hired Justin Morris, who was one of the first trainees to show an interest in the program. He named his first news program Piisaanapin Biisindan, which means ‘quiet down and listen up’. He built a community news site and started broadcasting daily on the local radio station.

“When I got hired it … uplifted me, something to look forward to when I wake up, ” Morris said. “It was something I had never tried before. Just hearing about that I got an interview and walking in and saying that I got hired. It kinda uplifted me, saying I got hired.”

While the training process was overwhelming, Morris learned the importance of developing a skill set to report on issues in an unbiased manner: “making sure it’s the truth 100%” Morris emphasized. “I learned quite a bit in a short amount of time.“

Justin Morris at work, broadcasting his radio show.

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